Planting simple churches in every neighborhood, in every nation.


We are so glad you stopped by to visit. We hope that what you find here will be helpful in getting to know Jesus and in getting to know us better. Our desire is to reach the world with  the  forgiveness  and  wholeness  that  Jesus  offers,  one  person, one  home, one neighborhood at a time. May God grant us the grace to return to the simplicity of Christ, the simplicity of the Gospel, and the simplicity of the early church!

Our Mission Statement

We are: A church planting mission, established for the purpose of touching the lives of millions of people with the Good News of Jesus, and discipling all the nations through saturation church planting.

Our vision:    To make millions of true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world. That encompasses every neighborhood, village, city, state or province, and nation of the world.

Our goal:    To see one new house church planted in every neighborhood of 200 people in every community of every nation. It will take 35 million new house churches around the globe to reach our goal.

Our method:    To raise up & train church planters in every nation. The Lord Jesus gave Errol a commission to saturate the nations with new simple house churches. In 1995, when Errol was praying, he asked Jesus how to fulfill this vision. He said, "Lord, how can I fulfill this vision to plant millions of new house churches around the world, for I am just one man?  The Lord said, "Take twelve!" Immediately, Errol knew what the Lord was telling him to do. He was to multiply himself the exact same way Jesus did. He was to take twelve men and train them to be church planters, and to teach each of them to also take twelve and train their twelve to be church planters as well. Through simple multiplication, that will place one new church in every neighborhood of 200 people in every nation of the world. With God's help, we can plant 35 million new house churches around the globe! It can be done, and it shall be done!

Our fruit:   We are now ministering to 150 church planters, in 28 different nations around the globe. Check out our Global Church Network Registry and discover where we are sharing the Gospel, and with whom we are partnering  in the work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. These are wonderful believers who are laboring in the Lord's vineyard all around the world, every single day. I am also personally mentoring 12 men in 6 nations. Please pray for our partners in the work of the Gospel. Thank you so much, and may God richly bless you!