Planting simple churches in every neighborhood, in every nation.

Errol's Story

  • I was born in Denver, Colorado, but grew up in Wyoming. From the age of 13, I dreamed of being a famous recording artist. At 14, I got my first electric guitar. My two brothers and I started our own rock n' roll band called The Mannon Brothers. We went on to cut a record in 1968, which was played on a major Denver station.
  • Success was just a step away, but I was sensing an incredible stirring in my soul. My dad challenged me. I began to read the Bible and came under the powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit. I knew I was incredibly self-centered and egotistical. I began to realize I was a sinner - lost, undone, and headed for hell. God was calling me to repentance and surrender. I wrestled with surrendering to God's will for two years. God was calling me to preach the Gospel, and I was fighting it with all my might. There was a huge tug of war going on between God and the devil, and I was the rope! It dawned on me that God wouldn't force me to follow Him, and the devil couldn't force me to continue following him. I had to decide who I was going to follow. I surrendered to God. God won!! I gave my life to Jesus on October 3, 1970. I also surrendered to preach the Gospel, and be a missionary for Jesus. The decision to follow Jesus was the best decision I ever made in my whole life. I really mean that.
  • I went to Bible school from 1971 to 1973 where I met my wife, Gretchen. We were married on December 9, 1973. We were involved in campus ministry at CSU in Ft. Collins, CO, and later at UNC in Greeley, CO. In 1978, the Lord told me I was a church planter. I started a church in our home in Greeley that same year. We moved and I was ordained to the ministry in 1981, and "planted" another church in our home in Wheatland, WY.  I then became a "circuit riding" preacher from 1985 to 1989, preaching and teaching primarily in homes. In 1991, the Lord instucted me to plant three home churches in one week. Two in Wyoming, and one in Nebraska.
  • Then in 1994, the Lord told me to attend Colorado Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO (now Charis Bible College). While I was in school, the Lord commissioned me to plant simple house churches throughout the world. I asked the Lord, "How can I plant thousands of churches all around the world? I'm just one man?" The Lord said, "Take Twelve!" I thought, "Why, of course. That's what Jesus did. He took twelve men and trained them to do exactly what he was doing, and I can do the same thing!"  I can train young men to plant churches, and then in turn, train them to take their own twelve, and train them to do the same thing etc.
  • I graduated from Colorado Bible College in 1996, and was ordained by Andrew Wommack in 1997. It was at this time that the vision for Global Church Planting Mission was born. It is the purpose of this mission to evangelize and disciple the nations through saturation church planting. In 2000 we planted another simple church in our home. I am hoping to network simple churches and independent house churches around the world for the purpose of unity and joint adventures in God. That is why I started Global Church Network. What God has called me to do is much bigger than I am, but I know that I am serving an even bigger God!!!!