Planting simple churches in every neighborhood, in every nation.

Saturation Church Planting


What is saturation church planting? Let's begin with a simple definition of each word.

Saturation means to fill up one substance with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to soak thoroughly.

Church means the called out ones. Those called out of sin and the world. Those who have been called out of the kingdom of darkness and called into the Kingdom of God. Church also means the called together ones. Wherever two or more of the called out believers are called together in Jesus' name, they constitute a local church.

Planting means placing a seed or seedling into the ground that it may grow into maturity. So, putting all three of these definitions together, I have come up with an overall definition for Saturation Church Planting: Purposely placing the greatest possible number of gatherings of called out believers into every populated region in every nation of the world.

Our vision is to saturate every nation with simple, life-giving churches. How can we soak the nations with churches? By starting a simple gathering of believers in every local neighborhood. We consider a local neighborhood to consist of about 200 people or about 50 households - on average.

You may be wondering. "Why do you want to start a simple house church in every neighborhood of 200 people? What is your purpose?"

Our purpose is very simple and straightforward. We have an incredible desire to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave to us, His church. He told his called out ones (disciples) to go into all the world and proclaim the good news of his rescue plan to every man, woman, boy, and girl. He also told His church to make disciples of every nation - not just converts. Jesus didn't commission the angels to preach the gospel and make disciples, He commissioned His church (His called out ones) to evangelize the world and disciple the nations. The church is the Lord's only plan. Only His church can reach every person with his incredible message of love, grace, and mercy. We're it! That is why we want to place a small gathering of true believers in every local neighborhood. That would put the church within reach of nearly every person on earth. Each local church would fit perfectly within the context of the culture of that specific neighborhood. Each local church would be raised up out of the midst of the residents of that neighborhood. As a believer, you will just naturally share the Gospel with your neighbors. Some will believe and some will not. Those who believe and are converted will become part of the church in that neighborhood.



This is exactly how Paul, the apostle, reached the known world with the Gospel in his lifetime. Saturation Church Planting! We are called to do the same!