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Over the years, Errol and Gretchen have written many articles that cover many topics and life issues. These articles are born out of nearly 42 years of experience of walking with Jesus our Lord and Savior. Much wisdom  comes with 42 years of experience!

Errols articles are called: Selah! Think about It! Selah is a Hebrew word that is found in the book of Psalms, and it simply means to pause and think about what you just read or heard. Errol meditates on the scriptures continuously and receives much revelation know -ledge from the Lord. He passes on that knowledge through his teaching articles.

Gretchens articles are called: A View from the Kitchen!  It is wonderful to get a womans fresh perspective on the scriptures and on the issues of everyday life. Gretchen's love and compassion and wisdom really come to life through her teaching articles.

We will eventually have all of our articles here in our archives, and we hope that you will be greatly encouraged and edified by them.

So, just click on the individual articles on the side bar and enjoy!