Planting simple churches in every neighborhood, in every nation.

Church Planting

Church planting is simply the outgrowth or fruit of Christian evangelism. Once again , the ministry of Paul the apostle gives us an excellent picture and example of church planting. Paul would enter a city and begin to preach the Gospel wherever he found people who would listen to his message. Sometimes in Jewish Synagogues, in the market place, or down by the river where the women had gathered. Wherever he found a listening ear. As Paul preached  the Good News of God's offer of salvation to all men, women and children, some of those who heard Paul preach believed the Gospel and were converted. They got Gloriously saved and filled with the Holy Spirit! Those who believed drew near to Paul and his companions, and began to gather around Paul for further teaching and instruction. A new church was planted! A new gathering of the Saints! There were no church buildings, or high powered and slick programs, or religious ceremonies! Just simple gatherings of new believers who were hungry for the truth of God's Word. Gatherings of new believers who were hungry for fellowship with their new found brothers and sisters in Christ. They had become the family of God, and they loved their family gatherings! A new church plant was simply a new family gathering! Out of that new family gathering grew the outpouring of the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The body of Christ building itself up in love! Amen!! It is just that simple!!